Suzi Sena


We often treat issues in our lives like isolated events: work problems are at the office, relationship problems are at home, depression or anxiety are in our heads. While it might be tempting to compartmentalize problems like this, the reality is that unhappiness at work can spill into family time, marriage problems can distract us at work, and depression or anxiety often hovers over everything like a fog. That’s why an integrative, humanistic therapy approach is critical for true healing.

I’ve always had an innate drive to help people. As a student and young adult, I knew many parents and professionals who weren’t happy in their careers and saw how this unhappiness could negatively impact personal wellness. I initially translated my interest in helping others into industrial organizational psychology, which focuses on psychology in the workplace and wellness in professional settings. In addition to working in various company counseling and human resources settings, I also worked in more specialized counseling settings, helping clients with intellectual disabilities, and providing therapy for victims of sexual abuse. However, after several years in these roles, I realized that corporate counseling only solved part of the problems people faced, and true personal fulfillment required a different approach.

Now, after 15 years of individual, career and family therapy work, it’s clear to me that a holistic, integrative approach is critical to building a healthy, balanced life.

At all stages of my life, I’ve valued authentic, direct and honest communication, and counseling in a corporate setting didn’t allow me to fully connect with my clients in the way I really wanted to. To help others most effectively, I had to connect with my clients on an individualized basis, integrating career counseling, family and relationship therapy, and individual support for grief, depression, and anxiety. By pursuing this work, I could relate to clients on a truly human level. Rather than treating surface-level symptoms or treating problems in isolation, this approach allowed me to identify and work with an issue in its entirety.

I earned my Master in Counseling Education at Kean University, and my Master of Industrial Organizational Psychology at Fairleigh Dickinson University. Additionally, I completed a post-master’s Educational Specialist degree in Marriage and Family Therapy at the College of New Jersey. I also use the Gottman Method Couples Therapy approach, which includes an extensive assessment and collaborative process that cultivates fondness and admiration among couples while also managing conflict. As a therapist, I utilize this varied and diverse skillset to promote integrative healing for individuals and couples, and my ability to approach an issue from many angles allows me to help you find a healthy work-life balance, relief from depression and anxiety, renewed faith in your marriage, and much more.

Here is a list of my education, certifications, and professional associations.

My love of learning and my curiosity makes getting to connect with clients truly fulfilling. However, it’s important to me to practice what I preach. To achieve balance in my own life, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, hiking and enjoying nature, practicing yoga and Pilates and cooking healthy meals and following food blogs. Holistic wellness is a priority of mine as an individual and as a therapist.

It is always a privilege to help my clients discover the right job, revitalize a marriage, overcome major depression or find relief from crippling anxiety. I am continuously inspired by the resilience of the people I work with, and I know through experience that you can overcome any challenge with some help.

If you’re struggling to find a holistic equilibrium for your daily life, my integrative therapy practice can help you find relief. Contact me today for a free phone consultation by completing my online form or calling me at 860-920-7070. You can ask me any questions you may have about my therapy practice in West Hartford, CT.