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Connecticut Integrative Counseling offers integrative psychotherapy to individuals and couples and consulting services to employers who want to revolutionize their workplace.

We all experience different challenges in our life journeys, from small bumps in the road to major life transitions, from momentary disruptions in our life cycles to chronic pain or unhappiness. In times of stress, you might wonder: where does healing even start?

No two challenges are the same, and no one has the same exact experience when it comes to finding or returning to a place of wellness. Whether you’re dealing with depression or anxiety, working through relationship challenges, or dissatisfied with your career, you have a unique path to healing that is yours alone.

An integrative counseling therapist can help you discover it.

My collaborative individualized integrative counseling approach focuses on holistic well-being – on healing the whole person. By integrating the scattered parts of your life in an honest, supportive, compassionate, and genuine environment, you can discover the hidden strengths necessary to living your most fulfilling life.

Make Your Work Environment a Place to Thrive

Suzi Sena

As an integrative therapist who also has a strong background in human resources and career counseling, unique strategies are uncovered to help employers support employees who are going through challenging times.

Creating a workplace with a focus on wellness through executive and leadership coaching, diversity and inclusion guidance, and workplace mental health consulting transform a workplace into a place where employees can thrive in all parts of their life.

You can ask me any questions you may have about therapy and employer consulting practice online and in Simsbury, CT.