When you reminisce about the past, do you primarily recall gifts or memories? Most people remember the feeling of a positive experience — a good memory. Gifts are wonderful, but can often remain superficial. Challenge yourself to experience something deeper and invite your loved one to experience it with you.

Sharing your love in a romantic way is the goal. The challenge is to do it by creating a moment in time that will always be cherished by the two of you.

  1. Share A Quiet Dinner

In the midst of our busy lifestyles, sitting down to an undisturbed meal is rare. Cook a favorite meal or order in. On this occasion, turn off the television, dim the lights, and shut off your phone.

Focus on one another while you enjoy your meal. Live in the moment and laugh together. Forgo the temptation to discuss responsibilities. Instead, allow the conversation to be intimate.

  1. Try A New Activity Together

Mundane has never been at the forefront of passion. Steer clear of anything routine. The flowers, candy, or cards are all thoughtful, of course, but alter your choice of activity and see how invigorating it is for you both.

Enroll in a couple’s pottery class or a paint date night. Both are popular functions nowadays. The art you create might not be fitting to serve as your coffee table centerpiece, but the memory will never fade.

  1. Take Care of the Household Chores

Household chores aren’t first on the list of romantic spark starters. They could be, though. You could either complete these chores yourself or hire a maid service. Either way, you’re removing the pressure of these responsibilities from your partner.

By doing this, you will send a clear message. This message is one of gratitude for your partner’s dedicated household contributions.

  1. Write A Keepsake Letter

This romantic gesture may be especially effective when coming from those of you with little to say. A heartfelt keepsake letter will make a lasting impact on your partner. When writing this letter, be vulnerable and intimate.

While words may not be your forte, being the other half of your relationship is what you know best. Use that knowledge to reach out to your partner in a tender way. Deliver your letter when it’s just the two of you, making it even more special.
5. Plan an Outing or Getaway

The goal here is to escape your daily routine and create a lasting memory away from the familiar. Whether it’s a weekend getaway or an afternoon outing at your favorite park, make this experience unique.

It should just be the two of you, free from the distractions of everyday responsibilities. You could visit an interesting city, spend a day in nature, or hide away in a luxurious hotel suite. No matter what it is that you choose, stay together and enjoy each other’s company.

Sharing your love is not only for a special holiday, it’s for every day. This can be a challenge, though. While navigating life — every day and holidays — things can get complicated. In your search for a genuine connection with your partner, a little guidance may be needed.

A professional can enlighten you on the tools you need to help build a solid foundation for your relationship.

My counseling approach involves weaving together different modes of intervention to create change. We will work together according to your needs in the relationship. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about my approach, please contact me.