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Why Your Job Search Should be Organized and How to Keep It That Way

Searching for a new job can be a job in itself. On average, it can take several months. During that time, optimizing your search will be vital to landing that next great position. Organization is a great tool. Not only will it help you to find a job more quickly, it will help you to stay motivated as well.

There is no shortage of information on job boards or employment websites nowadays. Even from five years ago, the job hunt is different. The influx of information can be overwhelming at times.

Because of this, jumping into a job search with no strategy is not recommended. You need a game plan for your hunt to be successful.
Here’s why your job search should be organized and how to keep it that way.

Create A Job Search Zone

Whether or not you’re naturally an organized person, you need to designate a space for this task. Consider this zone your job search headquarters. The purpose of this space is to keep you focused and eliminate distractions.

You’ll need basic tools like a computer, pen, paper, and folders. It doesn’t have to be a big space or even a fancy one. For quick referral and on-the-go interviews, this organized space will come in very handy. Hard copies will be scattered and lost without this designated area. Distractions will occur more easily. Your job search will fall behind or even come to a halt. Make the effort to commit to your space and make it tailor fit to your job searching needs.

Set Goals

It’s clear that your goal is to get hired for a new job. Be more specific, though. Without a clear definition, your goals may be far too vast to reach. Narrow your wants and needs when it comes to a job. You can even pinpoint companies, branches, and positions in which you would like to be employed. This will help you focus your job search and possibly make it shorter.

Also, set goals to reach within the execution of your search. For instance, how many resumes would you like to send out this week? You could also include the number of phone calls, warm introductions, and interviews in your goals.

Make A Schedule

It seems impossible to do it all. You must adjust your resume for each new position, scan daily job boards, and network with potential employers. Each of these tasks can be time-consuming.

Without a clear-cut schedule, you will be pulled in many directions simultaneously. You need to be as efficient in this job search as possible, so make a schedule. Grant each task sufficient time and stick with it. Allot a certain amount of time to answer messages. Adjusting your resume should also have a time frame. You can create your own pattern to fit your search, but stay focused. When the time for that task is gone, move on to the next one.


One of the biggest mistakes job seekers make is failing to document. No employer wants to hire a candidate who is clueless about the position for which he/she applied. No matter if you’re a technical person or if you prefer stone and tablet, document it somehow.
To guide you, you’ll simply need to keep a running list of a few vital pieces of information including:

• Date of application
• Position and company
• Contact name and information
• Basic information about the job

When a potential employer does contact you, referencing your notes will catapult you ahead of the game. Be diligent about documenting and following up. This could be a game changer for your future.

Searching for a new job can seem challenging at times. A career counselor can help you strategize a plan to keep you organized and find success for your future.

If you feel your job search is disorganized or going in a direction you don’t want to it to, please contact me to see if I can help. Everyone’s job search is unique and requires a tailored approach to finding the next successful career step in their journey.

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