Suzi Sena – Counseling Approach


Each of us has the ability to tap into innate strengths, develop a positive outlook on life and take charge of our personal healing. With my integrative, personalized therapy approach, I can help you discover your hidden potential and thrive.

In sessions, I draw from a variety of complementary techniques and philosophies, including humanistic therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, EMDR and strengths-based, solutions-focused methods. As a therapist, my work is grounded in the belief that everyone has intrinsic worth and value, and I focus on helping you shift your thinking and develop a more positive outlook, all while identifying core strengths and nurturing all-around wellness. This integrative approach can help you overcome difficult situations in a deep, lasting way, rather than simply addressing surface-level symptoms.

As we work together, my first concern is identifying what you need. Whether you’re trying to change careers, struggling in your marriage, navigating a period of mourning or grief or burdened with depression or anxiety, I can help you zero in on the issue and identify your healing options. Often, we’ll start out by exploring individualized methods and specific resources that can provide short-term relief—for example, we might develop a self-care plan to deal with depression, or I might direct you to a naturopathic doctor to address potential nutritional imbalances. Then, we’ll work on getting to the root cause of your particular issue.

While it’s important to focus on the specific issue you’re dealing with, it’s also critical that we recognize how a specific problem might be affecting other areas of your life. For example, if you come to me for career counseling, it might make sense to talk about how unhappiness in the workplace is causing personal depression or anxiety. If you come to me for relationship therapy, we might end up working through dissatisfaction with your career. In this way, we can begin holistic healing, or healing that addresses all the ways an issue affects you, rather than trying to deal with a problem in isolation.

I cater my approach to meet each individual client’s needs, so each of our sessions is highly adaptable. In couples counseling, I utilize The Gottman Method approach so we can understand as a couple where you are at and begin to foster respect and intimacy while managing conflict. Career counseling sessions usually involve career assessments, such as YouScience or Skillscan, which can help you identify careers suited to your unique skills and passions. In anxiety treatment, we also might incorporate many different exercises to promote personal growth and self-care, including mindfulness and self-awareness training, meditation, guided imagery work or even regular journaling outside of sessions. Throughout, I’ll take an active role in our work, collaborating with you and gently challenging you to meet your individual goals. And, while we will talk about your personal history to explore the root causes of your present issue, we won’t needlessly dredge up the nitty-gritty details of your past.

My down-to-earth, compassionate sessions are focused on making you feel comfortable and safe. To start off our therapeutic relationship on the right foot, you can call me for a free initial phone consultation, or fill out my online form. Then, we’ll spend our first and second session discussing your history, needs, challenges and strengths. From there, we can create a collaborative plan for integrative healing, developing your strengths and personalized strategies to achieve holistic wellness.

Your hidden potential for strength is boundless. With the help of a collaborative, integrative therapist, you can discover new, sometimes surprising, options for the future.

Contact me today for a free phone consultation by completing my online form or calling me at 860-920-7070. You can ask me any questions you may have about my therapy practice in West Hartford, CT.