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Your (Seemingly) Never Ending Search for a Job -Tips to Stay Motivated

When you search for a job, the possibilities can seem endless. There is no shortage of either job boards and employment websites to engulf you. Often, the search feels like an overwhelming job in itself.

With no clear end in sight, remaining focused and motivated during the process can prove difficult. It’s fairly natural to be enthusiastic at the beginning of your search for a job only to find your ambition waning as time passes. Your next job may very well depend on how diligent you remain while on the hunt, though.

If you’re in the midst of a seemingly endless job search, consider these tips to stay motivated.

Keep Your Support System Near

Your search for a job can create an unstable period in your life because of its indefinite time frame. Potential employers leave you wondering if you’ll ever get a job invite. The waiting game can be brutal. Also, employment rejection can often cause self-doubt and frustration. Allow supportive and positive people to surround you. Their encouragement will be priceless.

Invest in Yourself

When taking the leap to change jobs, there is no better time to invest in yourself than right now. Learn that new skill you postponed in the past. You can also renew or update your old certifications, if applicable. Now is the perfect opportunity to integrate new skills into your repertoire. You’ve made the decision to better your life by finding a new job, so respect yourself in a new way as well.

Make Specific Goals within Your Search

The obvious goal when you search for a job is to land a new job. To stay motivated, set short-term goals to meet within the search itself. For instance, make it a goal to apply for a certain number of jobs each week. Keep track of those job applications so you can rely on precise data. Often, applying for jobs is exhausting. To send out 10 applications can feel more like 100. Setting specific goals will keep the search in perspective.

Keep Successful Biographies within Reach

One way to stay motivated is by learning about others who were once where you are now. Keep their stories and quotes nearby. You can identify with their emotions and be encouraged by their outcomes. Your search for a job can make you feel insecure about yourself. Knowing others pushed through the same challenges gives you the courage to follow suit.

Take A Day Off from Your Search for a Job

Much like burnout from a job, you can also suffer burnout from a job search. Not only is it taxing on your mind, but it can also drain your emotions. Although the urgency to find a new job may be your driving force, understand that you are more than a potential employee. You are an all-encompassing being with other roles to play. Be sure to take time off from the search to enjoy a reprieve and renew your strength.

Accept Constructive Feedback

Presenting your best self may not always come naturally to you. Employ trusted people to give you constructive feedback on your approach. Only choose a few people to offer you feedback. If you are getting feedback from too many sources, it may be confusing which feedback to take and implement. A prerequisite for fulfilling this role is that they understand you and have a balanced approach.

Try A New Technique

Now is not the time to do what you’ve always done. You’re looking for a new job, so you obviously want to change something about your life. In pursuing this change, be open to practicing a different means to get to your end. If you’ve always applied online, try networking at a professional association meeting instead. Change your technique for different results.

Your search for a job can seem daunting. A career counselor can help you strategize a plan to keep you motivated to find success for your future.
If you feel your job search is stalling, and you are looking for extra support and new techniques, please contact me to see if I can help.

Everyone’s job search is unique and requires a tailored approach to finding the next successful career step in their journey.

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